about me

I am a fine art photographer based in Houston, Texas specializing in flower photography and still life.

- I am a mother of 4 wonderful children ages 11 to 20 (one princess and three princes)
- I talk a lot
- I smile a lot too
- I am a member of "clutzes anonymous"... ;o)
- I am a lover of liqurice, popcorn, red wine and coffee... not neccesarily together... lol
- I am Danish but more and more Texan at heart
- I miss the snow
- I have to have music in my life
- I have a huge passion for photography
- I wanted to be a photo journalist or portrait photographer at the age of 12

I have to thank my husband, who is my biggest fan. He always encourages me to follow my dreams. He has spent numerous hours teaching me about shutter speeds, f/stops and ISO's while my eyes glazed over... until he saw that lightbulb go on in my eyes! He very proudly says that 'the day has come, where I get to teach him about photography'.

Thank you for taking the journey of photography with me. A journey that will never end... and that is one of the reasons I love photography!