{let's do 52 ~ week seven}


for the "let's do 52" project 52 challenge, Annie Manning (of Paint the Moon Photography) always gives a theme and an alternate to choose between.

this week's main theme was {pretty ugly} ~ 'finding something pretty in the ugly'. the alternate theme was {smooth}

my plan was to go with the {pretty ugly} theme and find something pretty in the ugly... I wanted to go outside and capture the trees without leaves or a wilted flower... but rain, rain, rain... :o) 


time to go photo hunting around the house... I found the box of marbles in my boy's room... change of plans (that seems to happen to me often... right? lol)

... and what is more {smooth} than a marble?

taken with my trusty 100mm macro f/2.8


{project 52 ~ week seven}

{wild card}

for this week's challenge, we were given a {wild card}... choosing myself was actually even harder, than I thought... before being given the option to choose freely, I would have thought a given theme was actually harder... *chock*

After thinking and thinking... not thinking anything would be "good enough"... I needed coffee (who doesn't? lol) I filled up my cappucino maker... and this came to mind...

...who said coffee wasn't good for ya'...? lol 

I really do heart coffee :o)


Eeeeeeek *doing a happy dance* - this photo was between the runner ups for this week's fav (it's featured on my four hens photography's blog). I am sooo grateful!