serenity | my zen | june 2017 by maibritt olsen

noun, plural serenities.
1. the state or quality of being serene, calm, or tranquil; sereneness.

To me that means getting out my camera and getting in that Zen mode. You know the place... where you forget time and space and starting being - northing else. Photography does that to me. Not only capturing my own art - but also getting lost in other photographer's work. (I have a few photographers, whose work, I absolutely adore. Blog post coming about that later).

I just love that feeling of just being. Absolutely paused in that moment - not dwelling on the past or worried about the future - just right here, right now. Photography gives me that.

What is your zen? What brings you serenity? 

I bout this different lilies Friday afternoon. I was instantly attracted to their curves and ruffles. I captured them different days over the weekend to watch them unfold. I am involve with these lilies.


Edited with a texture from  Jessica Drossin  using  Topaz Texture Effects 2 .

Edited with a texture from Jessica Drossin using Topaz Texture Effects 2.

And then one in black and white...

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spring flowers | serenity | may 2017 by maibritt olsen

Welcome to my first post for the Serenity blog circle (next up is Jennifer Carr Photography).

It had to be flowers - I love capturing flowers - the beauty, the softness, the joy they give me. 

This month, I played with my new lens - the Lensbaby Velvet 56. I love this lens, it captures exactly how I see and feel about flowers.
It does have a steep learning curve though... and I am still learning. It is manual focus and I find it hard to grab focus - especially at the wide open apertures... wide open it is very "glowy" and soft. But I am not giving up! 

What is your favorite thing to capture?


Just to try something new - I converted the image above to black and white.

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