project fifty-two | week one | reflective by maibritt

A new year - a new challenge.. I always start out taking on way too many challenges. I already cut away one of my instagram challenges... LOL

But this will hopefully be the year I complete every week of the Project 52, I have tried twice before. I love this project run by "My Four Hens Photography", it is such an amazing, supporting and heartful forum of talented photographers - at some many different stages of live.

This week's theme was [reflective] I had so many diffrent things playing in my head - things I never got around to. But when I saw my youngest son sitting like this, my mind started wondering [reflecting] on where time went and how long he would still sit like this. How long before that little quirk of his goes away...?

I am so happy I froze tis moment in time - because he grows up too fast.