project 52 week two

project fifty-two | week two | imperfection by maibritt

This week's prompt was [imperfection] - I had a hard time shooting for this prompt... not because my life is perfect... because believe me it is not... But I tend to overlook imperfect stuff. I am a "the glass is half full" kind of girl trying to only focus on life's happier sides. Not that it always works... I get relief from my negative dark side now and then - but I really try to surpress it. Life is to short :o)

Well I looked and thought and then... one of my imperfections is, always having two many balls in the air at once - and I do end up dropping some of them. Hopefully the less importent ones... I saw the Christmas decorations still on my bar after having being stripped from the tree a week earlier. I grabbed an ornament - because imperfection must be when Christmas decorations are still not put away on January 13th :o) (I promise I have way worse imperfections than that - I just don't care sharing those... lol)