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project fifty-two | week two | imperfection by maibritt

This week's prompt was [imperfection] - I had a hard time shooting for this prompt... not because my life is perfect... because believe me it is not... But I tend to overlook imperfect stuff. I am a "the glass is half full" kind of girl trying to only focus on life's happier sides. Not that it always works... I get relief from my negative dark side now and then - but I really try to surpress it. Life is to short :o)

Well I looked and thought and then... one of my imperfections is, always having two many balls in the air at once - and I do end up dropping some of them. Hopefully the less importent ones... I saw the Christmas decorations still on my bar after having being stripped from the tree a week earlier. I grabbed an ornament - because imperfection must be when Christmas decorations are still not put away on January 13th :o) (I promise I have way worse imperfections than that - I just don't care sharing those... lol)



my project 52's by maibritt

m4h project 52 {simplicity}

I always spend all week imagening all kind of scenarios in my head... what I will capture and how I will capture it... and it always ends up being something completely different... This week I would blame it on the weather. I wanted to capture a flower in a field or some part of nature. But it was raining and raining all week... well long story short, I bought some berries for little miss e. to bring to preschool and I found these two with the stem on. Perfect for {simplicity} - to me berries are very simple beings :o) they don't demand much ;o)

let's do 52 {liquid}

{liquid} hmmmmm..... *me making plans*..... ooooh I have to play with water, oil and food coloring - perfect... fast forward to Saturday morning... hmmm all 4 kids at home.... water, oil, food coloring, kids and CAMERA... not a good plan. This is where the rain actually came in handy (for once) :o)  Little miss e. had placed the cutest little window sticker on the kitchen window and with the rain (read liquid) pouring down my window = cuteness. 

I am very proud to say that this image was featured among "paint the moon's" ten "pick of the week" images and was featured on her blog *me doing a happy dance* (hence the paint the moon "pick of the week" badge).

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