{let's do 52 ~ week eight}


already did {simplicity} for my "project 52" with m4h... but the idea is to shoot fresh... no using old work.

eggs are pretty simple, right? and some might tell you that 'I have a thing for shooting eggs'... so here they are... :o)

on my wooden floor next to my window

below is an image I also shot for the {simplicity} challenge... eggs... again... :o) but I chose to submit the one above.

setup: taken on my black granite counter top with the egg and bowl reflecting into the tabletop. behind me is my kitchen window shininng light onto the egg. behind the egg a piece of 12x12 scrapbook paper :o)
just a little tiny tip... make sure to wipe down your countertop real good on beforehand... or you will spend a lot of time in photoshop cloning out tiny spots or crumbs... *wink*


{let's do 52 ~ week seven}


for the "let's do 52" project 52 challenge, Annie Manning (of Paint the Moon Photography) always gives a theme and an alternate to choose between.

this week's main theme was {pretty ugly} ~ 'finding something pretty in the ugly'. the alternate theme was {smooth}

my plan was to go with the {pretty ugly} theme and find something pretty in the ugly... I wanted to go outside and capture the trees without leaves or a wilted flower... but rain, rain, rain... :o) 


time to go photo hunting around the house... I found the box of marbles in my boy's room... change of plans (that seems to happen to me often... right? lol)

... and what is more {smooth} than a marble?

taken with my trusty 100mm macro f/2.8