{shooting kids}

kids were here ~ little signs | october by maibritt

""Again inspired by the original kids were here, the little blog circle I am part of is back with some of the little signs, which makes me soooo ahppy. The little signs of my kids being here... they are growing up WAY too fast and the signs get fewer and fewer - replaced with stinky socks, football jersyes and before I know it probably lipsticks *shock*


Now make sure to follow the circle to see some more little signs over at the amazing Lotus Effect Photography <3 


inspired by

{shooting kids} by maibritt

back in january I took a class called {shooting kids} with the super talented Elizabeth Halford (Gracie May Photography). it was a four week class and every week had a different assignment... my four week assignment was {shooting your own kids}. photos were to be submitted in a forum, where Elizabeth would critique them. I learned bunches from this class. it is super important (and educating) to have your work looked over... gave me butterflies, but I am excited that i did it :o) definitely doing the critique thing again...

For my assignment, I took my handsome mr. x out for a fun shoot and some mother and son time :o) it was a beautiful evening and i was going for some yummy backlighting...