{let's do 52 ~ week eight}


already did {simplicity} for my "project 52" with m4h... but the idea is to shoot fresh... no using old work.

eggs are pretty simple, right? and some might tell you that 'I have a thing for shooting eggs'... so here they are... :o)

on my wooden floor next to my window

below is an image I also shot for the {simplicity} challenge... eggs... again... :o) but I chose to submit the one above.

setup: taken on my black granite counter top with the egg and bowl reflecting into the tabletop. behind me is my kitchen window shininng light onto the egg. behind the egg a piece of 12x12 scrapbook paper :o)
just a little tiny tip... make sure to wipe down your countertop real good on beforehand... or you will spend a lot of time in photoshop cloning out tiny spots or crumbs... *wink*


{project 52 ~ week eight}


looking around for {light}, I noticed the light reflecting in my daughter's sparkly princess shoes...  I am known for sparkly things getting to me every time... I just can't resist some sparkles... yes I am a girly girl... I admit it :o)


I placed them on a piece of scrapbook paper on the floor in front of a window, brought out my reflector (for the first time... *gasp*) and relected some additional light (using the gold side) onto them.... and did my tweeks in photoshop.


*happy dancing* this image was featured between the runner up "eye candy" for this week's fav on "My Four hens Photography's blog.