{stay with me} by maibritt

ever felt like you are running around in circles... ? yep - that's me - on a hamster wheel these days... lol. being a very visual person, that puts some funny images in mind... lol :o)

well my point was {stay with me} I have not abandoned my blog - I am just behind on laundry & blog posts :o) but I will be back!



{time...} by maibritt

If you are in the part of US that make the switch to Daylight Savings Time, then today is the day to remember to set forward the clock 1 hour... if your phone hasn't already done that for you. Mine did ;o)

But the old-fashioned clock needs your help... ;o)

As an aspiring photographer loving to shoot at sunrise and sundown (during that yummy 'golden hour') that is wonderful - but as a Mom trying to get 4 tired kids out of bed in the morning - I am sure gonna miss the sun helping me... lol 

Have a great Sunday, and enjoy that extra hour of light tonight - I know I will.