the beauty that surrounds me | july 2014

I love finding the beauty in everyday things - and I am so thankful for the group off talented women, participating in our monthly blog circle. I am proud to be their friend.

The below images was taken during the first week of Summer Murdock's : "The Magic of Light" workshop, that she teaches on "Everything Bloom" - The Bloom Forum

I can not begin to tell you how much I LOVED this workshop. Summer has a wonderful way of teaching and explaining things! I had so many AHA moments during this workshop, that I would love to go back and take it again.

The material and the weekly assignments and bon us assignments were thoughtfully and thoroughly planned. Her critiques are given by video feedback, which makes ut so much easier to understand - plus you don't have to go back and look for every image, when she mentions it - that is absolutely the way to give critique.

If you want to learn more about dramatic light, backlight etc. make sure to check out her workshop. I highly recommend it!!! 

light 04.jpg

Now make sure to follow the this link to my wonderful friend Paola from Voyage du Jour.

Thanks for stooping by <3