the beauty that surrounds me | june 2014

It is time to admire the beauty that surrounds us. The last month has been crazy... I haven't had much time to admire the world around me - yet look for the little details that make up all that beauty. I have to remember to stop and smell the roses, stop and listen to the birds... just stop.

Sometimes I feel like my brain is always spinning... always something on the to do list... always something new I take on... i have to pause. Summer is coming and I intent to do just that with my children - pause and enjoy life!

In May I took a wonderful workshop souls.imagined.spring fever with Meg Bitton. More on that to some. These three images was a part of that workshop. 

Much of the beauty that surrounds me come from flowers - I almost always have a bouquet of fresh flowers in my house - mostly white. White brings me calm, peace and quiet. White is my safe color. 

What is your go to color? And what does it mean to you? Something to think about. Please share <3

beauty for blog.jpg

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