an amazing workshop | beauty in the details / by maibritt

These last 4 weeks I participated in an amazing online workshop Beauty in the Details. It was my first workshop with In Beauty & Chaos and I am in love.

It is defenitely not my last workshop with them. 

I have always loved macro work and when I saw this workshop offered, I knew I had to participate to learn some more. I was not disappointed. From day one we were greated openhearted by the talented Danielle McIlroy. If you haven't seen her work, you should. It is wonderful. She has such an eye for details.

During the four week course, we got around different ways of shooting, seeing and post processing macro's and inspiration for subjects to shoot. 

Don't let bad weather keep you from shooting. Look inside your house, there are so many subjects, in which you can find inspiration - just see the beauty in the details.

If you love macro or need something to shoot during winter, when you are "house locked", then grab a seat in Beauty in the Details. You won't be disappointed.

Danielle is a wonderful instructor with so much knowledge, and she is an open book. She is quick to answer any question you might have and have a very constructive way of giving critisism to your weekly assingments.

I am so inspired to continue this journey called Macro Photography or Close-Up Photography. I now know the difference ;o)

Here is some of my work taken during the workshop.

If you are interested in macro photography, then don't think twice about signing up.