kids were here ~ little signs | june / by maibritt

Welcome to a June blog circle of "kids were here - the little signs"

Inspired by the original "kids were here" , Paola Dias, a very talented friend, I met through Clickin Moms, wanted to start her own documentation of how our kids leave little signs of them everywhere in the house. The kids can not be present in the images - just the "little signs" of their presence in our lives. 

Normally those little signs are seen as "mess" and "oh boy - why can't they clean up after themselves" - but we choose to look at it a diferent way. It is the little signs, that the little people we love so dearly are here, they are living their precious lives and are having fun. It shows us, where they are in live at this point in time and what they hold dearly right now. I know, I am going to miss those signs one day when the rooms in my house get quiet and silent...

Here are my little signs, that my kids were there <3

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