kids were here ~ little signs | december

I am so thankful for the monthly "kids were here ~ little signs" blog circle that I am part of... I so enjoy this challenge of documenting my kid's "little signs" that they were there. The little things that remind me that I should apreciate this time in life. Apreciate were they are in life. Apreciate the dolls, the pants, the stuff left behind. Reminding me that one that they will grow up and the rooms are going to be quiet and empty.

Please remeber to enjoy your kids at the stage they are at, the mess they make and them being them!!! I now I do - and this challenge has taught me to embrace the little signs that my kids were there! I puffy heart finding them around my house.

I stopped calling it mess and started calling them my children's "little signs" :o)

Hope you enjoyed this little peak into my kids "little signs". Please follow the circle to see more from the very talented Lotus Effect Photography. You won't regret it - I promise <3



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