serenity | tulips | march 2018

Tulips make me happy. They are such a happy flower on all of their simplicity and grace. I have always like tulips and their happy colors. 
When I gave birth to my second son, my mother in law filled my house with hundreds of tulips in different colors - what a sight to come home to. 

Today - many years later - I still think of her and my baby boy, when I see tulips and I can't help but smile.

They are my happy, my calm, my serenity.

Please head on over to Iris Nelson, Metro Phoenix Photographer of Iris Nelson Photography to see her serenity and gorgeous work! Remember to leave a little love while you are there.

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serenity | my zen | june 2017

noun, plural serenities.
1. the state or quality of being serene, calm, or tranquil; sereneness.

To me that means getting out my camera and getting in that Zen mode. You know the place... where you forget time and space and starting being - northing else. Photography does that to me. Not only capturing my own art - but also getting lost in other photographer's work. (I have a few photographers, whose work, I absolutely adore. Blog post coming about that later).

I just love that feeling of just being. Absolutely paused in that moment - not dwelling on the past or worried about the future - just right here, right now. Photography gives me that.

What is your zen? What brings you serenity? 

I bout this different lilies Friday afternoon. I was instantly attracted to their curves and ruffles. I captured them different days over the weekend to watch them unfold. I am involve with these lilies.


 Edited with a texture from  Jessica Drossin  using  Topaz Texture Effects 2 .

Edited with a texture from Jessica Drossin using Topaz Texture Effects 2.

And then one in black and white...

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